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We appreciate you taking the time out of your day to inquire about our auto wrap San Jose shop. You love your car and only want the best, we get that. That is why people trust Car Wraps San Jose for all of their vinyl wrap and advertising needs. The last thing you want is your beautifully crafted logo to look like bubble wrap.

Our technicians have never uttered the words “good enough” and we truly appreciate their dedication to perfecting their craft. We have more services than any other San jose wrap shops around! We are prepared to provide car signage, full monochromatic wraps, color change wraps, spot graphics and many more.

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About Our Vehicle Wrap Shop

Our vehicle wrap San Jose shop has been serving the area with top of the line vinyl wraps for many years. Our customers continue to use our services because of our dedication to providing exemplary customer service and high quality installs. When people ask “where is the best vinyl wrap near me?” Our shop is always at the top of the list.

Our wrap shop always holds our products to high standards and our professional technicians do an excellent job keeping up with these high standards. Our main goal is to provide friendly service and an end product that you can be proud to show off.

Why Choose Our Vinyl Wrap Shop?

We are not like other wrap shops in San Jose CA. We provide the highest standards of vinyl wraps and graphics and ensure every wrap is meticulously installed to perfection. We have been operating under 3 fundamental principles that have allowed us to excel in this field. These principles include:

  • Affordable prices for everyone. While we do provide the best prices for vinyl wraps in the area, a high quality vehicle wrap will still cost quite a bit. We are willing to work within your budget and find the perfect wrap for you.
  • Exemplary customer service. We treat every customer with the respect they deserve. We understand this can be a big decision so there will never be any pushy sales calls. We are here to help you leave with a vehicle you can be proud of.
  • Professional installation. Our technicians have all been properly trained and have decades of combined experience. The staff at our shop do a great job providing consistently top notch wrap installations.

There are many reasons why we are the best vehicle wrap shop in the area and we are always excited to prove it to new customers. The community has been very supportive throughout the years to help us reach the success we have. Let us know what we can do to help provide the best car wrap today!

What To Expect From Our Shop

Customers can expect to receive consistently high quality work from our vehicle wrapping shop. We always maintain high standards in our shop and our professional technicians are always prepared for a new challenge.

There are so many options when looking into vinyl wrap it can seem overwhelming. But we have a very easy transaction process that alleviates all stress on our customers. A typical transaction looks like below:

  • Submit a request for a quote form through our website or reach out to us via phone, email or stopping by the shop.
  • Once a design or wrap has been determined, you drop off your vehicle.
  • There is extensive prep work required before administering a wrap. The car needs to be spotless clean and depending on the amount of blemishes or knicks in the car can take several hours to prep.
  • Once prepped, the installers begin meticulously installing the wrap making sure it is void of any bubbles or seams.
  • After the base wrap has been installed there is some post installation work required to clean up and get those last finishing touches.
  • You come by and inspect the car and if there is something out of the ordinary we are willing to work with you to make it right.

We have made it very easy for our customers to receive high quality wraps and service. We will work with you step by step to ensure you get exactly what you need. Give us a call today to find out what the all-star treatment at our vinyl wrap shop is like!

Our Services

We provide an extensive line of vinyl car wraps. If you want a chrome wrap, black chrome wrap, carbon fiber wrap or camo car wrap or just a monochromatic 3M vinyl wrap, we can do it all! We have the best car wraps San Jose CA has to offer and our customers continue to use our services because of this. We not only have the largest supply of San Jose car wraps, we can apply any of these vinyl wrap to any type of vehicle! Take a look at some of the many services we can provide for you and let us know what vehicle you need wrapped today!

san jose car paint protection film

Paint Protection Film

Paint protective film is one of our most requested services when it comes to vehicle wraps. We adhere an ultra thin transparent film on bumpers, hoods or your entire car that helps protect your valuable paint from rock chips and the elements. With over 250 days of sun per year you can understand how critical you would need a vehicle to wrap San jose. There is nothing worse than buying a brand new car and seeing that beautiful paint sun bleached a year later! The next time you need “the best auto wrap near me,” consider our shop to help keep your car looking brand new.

san jose car wrap color change

Vinyl Color Change

Color change vinyl car wrap has become increasingly popular lately. To really appreciate the full experience of color change we recommend doing full car or truck wraps. We have a variety of options when it comes to color change. There are several transitional colors with chameleon being the most popular where the colors transition depending on the angle you view the car. We also have our more premier color change car vinyl that is water activated. With a deluxe wrap like this you are guaranteed to have the coolest vinyl car wrap San Jose CA has ever seen.

spokane custom car wrapping

Custom Wrap Design

Perhaps a solid car color wrap is not your thing and you want something more flashy. We have full or partial custom wrap designs that can be designed by our professional staff or by bringing in your own design. From your favorite sports team to a dragon across your hood we can do it all. When you need “quality car wrap near me,” you can count on the high quality service from Car Wraps San Jose.

spokane commercial wraps

Commercial Wraps

We have worked with dozens of clients to provide a car advertising wrap. What better way to showcase your business to thousands of people passing by a day! Our car signage uses top of the line 3M wrap to ensure your business looks like the top tier company that it is. When it comes to advertising no other wrap shops in San Jose can compare to our quality.

Car Wraps

If you have a sedan, coupe, van or an SUV we have the custom car wraps for you. We have provided our high quality 3M car wrap to every type of car out there from a Honda Civic to an Audi R8. Our professional technicians are prepared to wrap pieces of your car or a full wrap. So the next time you find yourself thinking “I wish there was a vinyl wrap car near me!” Give us a call for a free estimate.

Truck Wraps

Although our primary clients wrap cars that will never deter us from wrapping trucks! Anything from a 90s Toyota to a Mack truck there is a vinyl wrap for you. We provide the highest quality truck vinyl wrap San Jose has to offer. Our technicians have experience installing advertisements across fleets of construction trucks and big rigs but also have had their fair share of full truck wraps. There has not been a truck that came through our door and we could not wrap!

Van Wraps

When your company needs to showcase its high quality abilities and look like a multimillion dollar company you come to Car Wraps San Jose for the best van and car wraps in San jose. We provide seamless vinyl wrap that will always match up perfectly between door jams. You never need to worry about the van slide out door, our product will always look like it came from the factory.

Boat Wraps

While we do have the best vehicle wraps San Jose CA has to offer, this also translates to boat wraps. We provide marine grade 3M vinyl wrap that is built to last. Too often do you find boats from the factory with questionable graphics. That is when we step up to provide a unique and custom wrap that will impress everyone in the bay area. No boat is complete until you name it, so come to us for flawless lettering and script vinyl!

Bus Wraps

We have a long history working with the local busses to install advertisements for your company on their bus. They know we continue to provide the best vinyl wrap San Jose has. With how many bus, light-rail and rail services are available in the bay area your advertisement is guaranteed to bring in new business!

Trailer Wraps

We may provide the best custom car wraps San Jose, but that does not stop us from expanding our clientele. We have worked on dozens of enclosed trailers to provide advertisement wraps and full graphic wraps. With their large blank walls and lack of sharp edges and contours, enclosed trailers are the perfect candidate for displaying your businesses logo. We have the ability to showcase even the most intricate designs.

Our Packages

One Way Vision (Contravision)

Contravision has become our number one seller when it comes to car vinyl advertisement, especially on busses with their large windows. Contravision allows you to display your advertisement or graphics without hindering the driver or passengers view. We can provide a single window or multi-window contravision packages. When you need the best vehicle wrap San Jose has to offer you can count on the professional staff at Car Wraps San Jose.

Basic Spot Graphics

Many of us prefer a more minimalist approach when it comes to advertisement. If this is you, you will most likely need our basic spot graphics package. This allows you to take a basic logo or design and place it in your desired location on the car. We typically see customers take advantage of this package by putting a simple logo on the drivers and front passengers door.

Spot Graphics

The spot graphics package requires a little more design time and incorporates a larger surface area on your vehicle. We provide a vinyl wrap car graphic that would cover an entire hood or the bed of a truck. This package allows you to display more of what your business is about and/or showcase a beautiful logo.

Partial Wraps

Partial wraps include large surface areas of your vehicle. Our partial wraps package would typically entail a vinyl wrap across the hood onto the quarter panels or spanning the side of two doors. Our most popular use of partial wraps are a thick racing stripe across the hood, roof and trunk (if applicable). You are able to cover a decent surface area of your car without the expense of doing a full wrap.

Full Wraps

Our full wraps package is just that: a full wrap. Our professional technicians diligently transform your basic monochromatic car into a piece of art. We offer a variety of finishes including satin, matte, polished, brushed or even chrome. Many of our services listed on our website would be included as a full wrap like paint protective film, vinyl color change or even a full advertisement wrap. If you need “full vehicle wraps near me,” look no further than Car Wraps San Jose CA!

About San Jose CA

San Jose California is well known for its ornate architecture and lavish real estate. Known as the cultural, financial and political center of Silicon Valley it is easy to see why so many people chose to live here. With a population of just over 1 million people the residents sit just below Mount Hamilton and spread out across a meager 178 square miles.

San Jose is home to the most millionaires and billionaires per capita which has led to an average home costing you a whopping $1.1 million. Aside from the tech moguls there is a lot that is offered here. There are a number of zoos, parks and museums to make a weekend vacation out of. Some of the surrounding areas include:

  • San Francisco, CA
  • Mountain View, CA
  • Palo Alto, CA
  • Santa Cruz, CA
  • Morgan Hill, CA
  • Los Gatos, CA
  • San Martin, CA
  • Many more surrounding areas

Vehicle Wrapping Frequently Asked Questions

What does a San Jose car wrap cost?

There are many determining factors that dictate car wrap prices. Spot graphics can run a couple hundred dollars and a full protective paint vinyl wrap can run several thousand depending on the condition of your car. We believe we have the best car wraps San Jose pricing around!

Does a wrap cost more than it would to paint your car?

If you get a cheap paint job, you will get a cheap looking car. If you compare a premium paint job to a wrap, the vinyl wrap is much less expensive and has the ability of being removed without affecting the base paint of your car.

How long does it take for a car wrap?

Our technicians have honed their craft and whittled the time on a full wrap down to a couple days. There is extensive prep work to ensure we provide the highest quality wrap.

Which car wrap is best?

That is up to you to decide! Our shop only purchases top of the line 3M vinyl wrapping material so it does not matter what color or finish you choose, it will always be held to professional standards.

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I have searched all over central California for a reasonably priced car wrap. I cannot believe what some people charge for paint protection! Thankfully I found this shop and they were willing to work within my budget.

Austin A.

I have had a hard time finding a decent shop to wrap a fleet of vans. I am very picky when it comes to these types of things so I was glad they were willing to be patient with me throughout the whole process. I highly recommend this shop.

Starrett M.

I have not had many spot graphics put on my car before but WOW it looks amazing. You cannot even tell it is a vinyl wrap, it looks like it came from the factory this way!

Vanessa C.

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There is not another San Jose car wraps company that can compare to the number of services we provide. Our professional staff have done an excellent job at keeping standards high on every single job and cementing ourselves as one of the best in the area. Too many times we have seen customers that thought “I can wrap my car myself!” and come to us to help fix their car.

Doing a full vinyl car wrap is meticulous work and requires a patient and steady hand. All of our technicians have been properly trained and are ready to take on any project you have. Due to the highly reputable nature of our company our available time is getting further and further out. If you have any inkling of wrapping your car in the near future do not hesitate to reach out to Car Wraps San Jose for a free estimate!


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